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Contains possible U2 Concert Spoilers....

I'm back from Detroit, and I have to say I just had the concert experience of my life.

I arrived in Auburn Hills on Monday night around 9pm. I got lost three times on the way, despite having directed my husband correctly in driving to the arena and home from it the night before. What can I say -- raining cats and dogs and poor night vision. Anyway. once there I met Dawn at the hotel room and we talked and talked and talked and laughed hysterically about the band and about our rpgs. She gave me a whole handful of DVDs she had burned for me, including a lot of things I've been desperately wanting to see! Bless her kind heart! She also showed me her awesome pictures from inside the elipse in Chicago in May.

Around 10:45 we drove to the Palace and parked and went to wait for Ally near the stage door. The security were obnoxious and wouldn't let us stay anywhere near there, so we backed off a short ways, only to watch four SUVs with police escort front and back, lights flashing and sirens running, leave the area. Darn it, they did a runner. We did meet up with Ally, however, which was excitement in and of itself. But no stalking that night.

We went back to the hotel and went to bed shortly after one, with the alarm set for 4:30 a.m. I never actually fell asleep before it was time to get up, shower, and go find the GA line.

After much confusion, the line was started and we found that we were 5th, 6th, and 7th in line. SQUEE!!!!! We called Melissa to squee with her, and she informed me (I asked) that Megs would NOT be up at that ungodly hour of the morning (7am). So I resisted calling Megs until 11am. Pretty good restraint, I'd say!

The security at the Palace, and the whole set up, was horrendous. We were not allowed on the property before 2pm, and knew in advance that they would not honor our numbering system. So once 2pm arrived there was an absolute mad dash from the entrance of the driveways all away around the arena to the back where the GA line was to form. Amazingly, only two people cut in line, and we ended up 7th, 8th, and 9th in line. Mind, the person right in front of us scanned into the elipse, so had those two people not cut, it would have been us in the elipse. Grrrrr. The lack of any porta-potties or facilities of any kind was annoying as well, and required people to run across a highway to get to a gas station when they needed a restroom.

Around 3:30 Ally saw that people were gathering at the stage door, so we went down there ourselves. We watched the lads arrive, and then Bono came out to meet the 40 or so of us that were waiting there. He didn't have time for autographs or pictures, but I got to hold his hand, and managed to get my head in a picture Ally took of him. Heeee! He greeted Ally with a kiss, and Dawn, who was standing next to Ally, got brave and quick gave him a kiss on the cheek! Smart girl! Oh, and did I mention he smelled incredibly good? YUM!!!!!!

My concert experience was already beyond my wildest dreams at that point, and we hadn't even gotten in the doors yet. As it turned out, Ally the olympic level sprinter managed to race in and stake out three spots directly at the front of the elipse on the rail. So.... the spot where they put Larry's drum during Love & Peace was two feet in front of us. I couldn't even believe it.

Concert memories:

-Edge jumping up and down repeatedly throughout the night
-Bono coming along the elipse and standing right in front of us, eyes closed, singing the last third or so of Sometimes. OMG.... *dead*
-Larry two feet from us drumming his heart out in Love & Peace...holy fuck is he gorgeous!!!! Those eyelashes..... *even more dead*
-The girl standing behind Ally offering Adam a rose as he was playing his bass, and the priceless look on his face as he looked at his hands and back at her like "ehm... I'm kinda busy right now...."
-Them playing Out of Control, Gloria, The Ocean, and MLK. No Fast Cars, no New Year's Day. But I'm not complaining. :)
-Bono's voice on Miss Sarajevo.... *still more dead*
-The incredibly sweet smile on Edge's face when someone held up a sign saying "Reg is My Guitar Hero"
-The unbelievable energy in that building and between the band
-The Adam huggles from Bono.... hot, hot, hot...

Concert low-lights:
-No porta-potties
-The stress caused by security not letting us on the property until 2pm and not being willing to honor our numbering system. Thank God it worked out alright.
-The two girls beside me laughing hysterically and talking about how "funny" it was during the Heart of Darkness section where Bono is blindfolded.
-The same two girls holding out dollar bills when Bono came and sang in front of us during Streets, as if he was some male stripper
-The runner they did again after the show. No stalking once again.

I met the most incredible people -- Dawn, Ally, Barb, Andrea, and a lot of others whose names I don't remember. I finally got to put faces with names. Thank you all for making this one of the most incredible experiences of my life. See you in Cleveland!!!!!!

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