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Hey -- do you all like my spiffy new Bono icon? It's one of several (maybe many) U2 icons that hawkeyesmartini is making for me. I absolutely adore it and had to share! Heee! Thanks, honey, for making it for me! I hope you are feeling a little less down today. *hugs*

I have to say I have had the BEST week of rp'ing. Both of my games have been going so well, and I've just enjoyed myself immensely! Thanks to all involved for such fun, especially themegs *smooches* and lady_lerose (fuzzy handcuffs indeed!!!) *pets*. Heeee! jigofspite we absolutely MUST find time to rp together!!!!

Not much else going on in my life except trying to get the BV well and to find a new job. Hope you all have a happy Friday!
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