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Run! It's a Snuggle Post!!!!

Time for a snuggle post, 'cause I'm feeling all huggy today.

Snuggles to my sis Sandy. She is a superwoman. She's been married 18 years, but is essentially a single mother, as her husband does NOTHING to help out. He has his own buisness, so he is not bringing in any money. Consequently, my sister's business, freelance editing, provides the only income for the family. Then there's the matter of keeping the house up, gardening, mowing the lawn, preparing all meals, and escorting their two children to every conceivable extracurricular activity, plus volunteering various places to raise money for those extracurricular activities. She does it all, with no help, no thanks, and no acknowledgment from her hubby. *SNUGGLES*

Snuggles to hawkeyesmartini. You are the most talented, awesome, wonderful, sweet, best friend evar. Really. ^ - ^. I'd be lost without you, you know. *HUGS!*

Snuggles to achtungmeggie. I have soooo enjoyed rp'ing with you and getting to know you. Your B. is just the cutest, sweetest boy ever. I love how he's shy and sweet, and takes everything so much to heart, just like the real B. Heeee! *smooches*

Snuggles to melissa2u. You are a superwoman extraordinaire. Just like my sis, you do everything for everyone. I am still squeeing that you contacted me, agreed to RP with me, organized the RP and got great people involved, and haven't kicked me out yet! Heee! You are amazing. *pets*

Snuggles to jigofspite. I haven't had a chance to get to know you very well yet, nor to RP with you, but that will change. Your Reg is sooo perfectly in character! I look forward to getting to know you better and to rp'ing with you soon. *cuddles*

Think that's everyone. 'Cept can't forget to snuggle "lj user="bartle_by">. She's writing me cool stories. *hugs*

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