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Battle scarred but victorious

I had the most INCREDIBLE concert experience last night! I got to the venue at around 8:30 a.m., to find half a dozen people already gathered at one of the two gates, and two people at the other. Chose the one with two and made myself at home. It was hot and humid, rained on us twice only to go back to hot and humid, and generally pretty miserable physically. However, I met some lovely people, including one Brian Adams fan from Yorkshire, England, who was absolutely a stitch! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

As the day wore on, more and more people arrived -- it was general admission on the field -- and those of us who had shown up early became more and more concerned about actually getting the front row as people were being pretty rude about things. I'd been planning for months to be front-row, Savy-side, and I was scared to death that it wasn't going to work out. They told us they were going to open five doors at each of the two gates, we would be searched, we had to WALK to the stairs and down the stairs -- only two sets of stairs to the field, one by each gate -- and once on the field we could run. I was the second person in the door on my set of gates, Mark was the third, I double-timed it to the stairs, looking like one of those silly looking race-walkers, and then hit the stairs chugging, as if the devil himself were on my tail. When I got to the bottom of the stairs and onto the field, I had to stop and grab off my slip-on shoes before running like holy hell for the stage, and while I was picking up my shoes M. passed me by and went racing for the stage. When we arrived at the stage, all the best front row spots were taken, but we got in the second row, between Joe and Sav's positions. Of course, "row" is a term of art, because it was all standing, no chairs.

Turns out the people in front of us did not have to go through line, because they were guests of the opening act, Randy Collins. However, once I met them, I was not upset by this -- they had lost a brother/son in a car accident two months before and Randy had performed at his funeral, then invited them to come to the show here, where he dedicated a song to their relative, Randy's best friend, from the stage. They were the sweetest people,and when he did that song, every last one of 'em, man and woman, was in tears. It was the saddest, sweetest thing. They then left after Randy was done, to go backstage, so we got front row after all!!!!

Let me tell you, though, there were some damn rude people in that audience. Some woman who was proudly telling people she'd only showed up at the venue at 4pm, and then "walked right past all those suckers and right up to the front of the line" shoved her way into the front row to my immediate right. She then proceeded to dance wildly, just about killing me during the course of the next two or three hours, and she kept trying to shove me out of the way so she could get closer to Sav. I had to brace myself with my arms on the barrier for much of the time to keep from being shoved out of the front row. Then she proceeded to heckle Brian mercilessly while he was on. I.e.: "BOOOOOOO!!!!!", "Get off the stage -- We want Def Leppard!!!", "Hit him with it" (when a tennis ball came flying up on stage at a very high rate of speed), "Play _________________", etc., etc., etc. I kept screaming at her to shut up. I was sooo pissed off. I wouldn't pay to see Brian on his own, but he's a good musician, and you don't treat people with utter disrespect. It was disgusting and embarassing to see.

However, if anyone deserved that kind of treatment while on stage, imo Brian did. He was downright contemptuous of his fans. He threw a bottle of water into the crowd and injured somebody, was clearly aware of this fact, and acted like nothing had happend while the poor girl is being carried off the field. Then he chose a fan of his from the audience to come up and help him sing one of his songs, and when they were done -- she did an excellent job, and was not a squeeing fangirl ohmygodIwanttokissyouandhugyouandstandherescreaming type at all -- he grabbed her by the arm and literally dragged her offstage before she could even get the microphone put back in its stand, and shoved her unceremoniously into the ranks of the security. Excuse me -- she just payed a whole lotta money to come see you! Asshole.

The Leps were AMAZING!!!! About half-way into the concert, Sav came up on the catwalk directly in front of me, and was looking into the crowd. I made eye-contact with him and blew him a kiss. His whole face lit up. It was beautiful! However, I was not at all sure that he had actually seen me, despite the eye-contact and the seemingly appropriate response, because a split second later he turned and danced off, and directly to my left (the opposite side from the line-jumper) was a teeny, jumping up and down like a twelve year old, screaming like a Banshee, and waving her arms frantically. However, at the end of their set, Sav came back to the same spot on the catwalk, leaned down and forward as close as he could get to me, made eye contact with me directly and held it, and very carefully and gently tossed me his guitar pick. I had it in my hands all of two seconds, when the teeny to my left snatched it out of my hands and went bouncing off squealing about how Sav threw her the pick. BITCH. But ya know what, honey? I got something better than a guitar pick -- I got Sav's attention, and respect, and he specifically tried to give ME his pick. I've never seen one of them specifically aim to someone before -- they usually just kinda casually toss 'em down in the general direction of someone. But Sav made it very clear by his actions that he was TRYING to give that pick to me. So he musta saw the kiss, 'cause I ain't no great shakes beauty-wise. Needless to say, I 'bout fainted dead away (although I held in my excitement and squeefangirlyness until AFTER the show was done and the lights had come up.) hawkeyesmartini, had I actually managed to keep hold of Sav's pick, I woulda had you help me make it into a necklace when you come up.

But that's not all, folks. Phil came over, about two-thirds of the way through the concert, and dropped down to kneel/sit on his feet on the stage to play, almost directly in front of me and made and held eye contact with me. Once again silliness overtook me, and I blew him a kiss as well. (I don't normally DO things like that!) He immediately blew me a kiss back!!!! And then, twice more, once during the show, and once after the encore, he came back over to that same spot on the stage, made eye contact with me, and blew me another kiss. In each of those two cases he blew me a kiss WITHOUT my doing so first, then grinned when I responded in kind!!!! *triple thud* I've NO idea why I got their attention last night. Maybe because I was being relatively respectful and not making a fool of myself down front. In any event I almost died, again.

Sav, then Phil? I must have died and gone to heaven! I absolutely could not believe it -- things like this don't happen to me! I've always taken things people say about their interactions with the band while on stage with a grain of salt -- most of the time the lads were probably looking at someone completely different than the person who is claiming it was them. But oh my goodness -- they each made and KEPT eye-contact with me, and responded directly to my actions, so I KNOW that they were actually responding to me. In fact, when Phil blew me the first kiss, people all around me started clapping me on the back and making comments (which I couldn't hear because of the music!) to me, so apparently I didn't imagine it!

Had I not had the BV waiting back at my sister's house to be collected, and a very tired and hungry and thirsty and to-the-end-of-his-ability-to-ablige my-fangirl-whims husband in tow, I would have gone back to the buses. I don't normally do that either -- in fact I never have -- because I know they have a million people all wanting a piece of 'em, and I don't want to add to that. But in this case I figured Sav and Phil would probably have recognized me, and I might just have gotten Sav to part with another pick. But I didn't dare, alas.

But I cannot complain. I had the concert experience of a lifetime, thanks to those two dear men.

Oh, and my hubby, he with the big, beautiful heart, who came and sat in line with me from 9 a.m. onward for a band he doesn't even particularly like, was amazing. After Phil blew me the first kiss I looked back at hubby -- he was standing behind me to protect me from the crush -- and he was grinning at me! Then after the concert ended, his first words to me were " See? I TOLD you that you were a cutie!" And then he cracked up, looked over at me and said "You've still got it!". I coulda kissed him. In fact, I did!

In other news, the BV has pnumonia. Knock me over with a feather! He hasn't been acting the least bit sick! Who woulda thunk it? He's now on antibiotics, and should make a full recovery.

Oh, and yesterday morning for the first time, other than when he is sleeping, he laughed out loud. I melted! It was the most adorable thing!!!!

Going back to bed now -- decided to take the day off to recover. But I will be online later if anyone wants to rp with me. Meggie. Heeee! I do have to tell you Meggie, my mused took me waaaaaaay off the planned course the other night! Has a mind of his own, my Larry does! Heee! But it was all good, and we'll get him back to his cheerful self now! Gonna rest a bit, then will re-read where we left off and will respond, so that we can continue on... Til then, huggles!

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