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So, here's an interview meme. Here's how it works:

1. Leave me a comment that says 'interview me'.
2. I will respond with five questions.
3. You will update your journal with this explinatation.
4. You will answer the questions and post them in your update.
5. When someone says 'interview me', you will ask them five questions.

Hawkeyesmartini asked:

1. What is SO DAMN GREAT (*grins*) about Devon? :P

Um...what's NOT great about him? *grin* (well, maybe the 4am feedings and stinky diapers are not so fun!). Seriously, I love everything about him and about being a mother -- if I'd known it was this much fun I mighta done it earlier! His smile, his talking and cooing, his cute little face/hands/toes, his beautiful blue eyes, his personality -- they're all DAMN GREAT! Can't put into words how much I love him, which is, of course, as it should be! Can't wait for you to meet him!!!!

2. If you (and M. and Devon and Sandy and everyone) could live anywhere but Michigan, where? (and why, even though this is a two-part question heh)

Oh boy -- this is actually tougher than you might think. I LOVE Dublin, adore it, so I think that's probably where I would choose. But then there's London. And there's the fact that I'd miss some things about living in America/Michigan. But you'd be with me too,right? *wink* In that case, "wherever" is good enough for me!!! *hee!*

3. What were your first impressions of me when we began chatting?

Goodness -- this requires me to remember impressions from a year ago! Then again -- you were quite memorable! My first impressions were that you were an incredible writer, very, very cool, had a great imagination and sense of style, were incredibly friendly, and had a fascinating life and cool friends! That about covers it, I think! Oh, and I quickly learned that you were a loyal friend when KK decided to attack me.

4. You're not much into MASH - if you had time to get into it, would you? Does it sound interesting/funny/slashy (<-- don't say nooooooo!)? What would your OTP be, as if I needed to ask?

Well, it sounds funny and definitely slashy, but not sure about how strong my interest is. You see -- it reminds me of my highschool years, which were not very good years, so because of the association I am not as interested as I might be. But if you keep writing such great MASH stories and oozing about it and pointing out it's slashiness I may not be able to resist!!!! And my OTP would without question be Hawkry. *evil grin*

5. Have you ever needed someone so bad?

Uh...yeah. 'Nuff said! *grin*

Okay -- what else do I want to say here...shoot -- I had a million things until I started to update, then I forgot them all!

Oh!!! I've been meaning to mention that *in singsong voice* bartleby and hawkeyesmartini are writing me Lep Slash! <"lj user="bartleby"> and hawkeyesmartini are writing me Lep Slash!!!!!!

Devon's daycare provider is closed today -- she has no power (and thus no a.c. or ability to heat up bottles) and the area of her home that she has her daycare in (the walk-out basement) is flooded. So I get a day off of work. Yay!

Gotta run -- the little guy is demanding my attention. Have a great day all!

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