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Devon has been melting me with the cuteness of late. He's still not walking on his own, which would be worrisome for an 18-month-old, except that it's so obvious that he could if he wanted to. He walks all-around things holding on and moves from one piece of furniture to another walking, by holding on. He also does a lot of standing up in one place, on our bed, and then flopping forward or backward... his version of jumping on the bed. And then there's the bear-walking: he walks on hands and feet, like a bear, saving his knees, I suppose. So he can do it if he wants. He just doesn't want to.

Last night, though, he decided it was time for bed and he was going to go upstairs. I followed him directly behind to make sure he didn't fall, and caught his balance for him slightly once, but otherwise he climbed on hands and knees and sometimes feet all the way from the first floor to the second floor by himself. It was so sweet! We have to watch him closely now if he's not inside a closed/gated room, so that he doesn't climb partway up and fall, but I was so proud of him!

The other day, Mark came downstairs to find Devon sitting in the tub we have for storing his toys when we're going to someone else's house (one of those long,flat plastic bins that can fit under a bed), playing happily. It was so cute!

Not much more news to report, actually. Mark has been placed on the felony list for one county, meaning he can now be assigned to represent clients charged with a felony. He's still on the misdemeanor list in the other county, as well as the juvenile offender lists and various other ones. So things are improving for him. He's still not making money, and has not actually done a trial yet -- every case so far has settled, which is not uncommon for misdemeanor violations -- but he's comfortable in court now and likes what he's doing. He actually told me the other night that he doesn't know if he wants to get a job for anyone else, because now he actually likes what he's doing. That's a big change from a few months ago, where he was miserable and depressed. Yay! Now if we can just survive another year or so until he starts actually making some income...

Megs, hope everything is alright with you and your boy, as well as with your Canadian. E-mail me when you get the chance, let me know how you're doing, okay?

Dawn, hope you slept better last night! And Donna, your muse has mine in a tizzy! Heee. I think we may go play racquetball after feeding Devon his supper, so I will be online, but it might not be until a bit later than normal.

Hope everyone has a good hump-whichever-good-looking-celebrity-you-choose Day! (I chose one Mr. Larry Mullen, Jnr., m'self.)

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