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Well, yesterday was an odd day at work. We had a 45-minute long fire drill. The head of my division (my "Big Boss")kept running around with a yellow armband on and a flashlight, cracking us all up. He's such a nice man -- how'd that happen that I have two bosses and both of them are really wonderful???? That never happens!

Almost done with my icky criminal case at work. Hooray! I started work on it before I left for medical/maternity leave, and I've been working on it for the last three weeks since I got back. I am soooo sick of it! Can't wait to get a new one and stop being bored outta my mind!

Not too much else new to say at the moment...what can I say -- I live a boring life!

Heard Queensryche's version of a Simon and Garfunkel song yesterday ---weird!!!! Must say I like the original better.

Starting the countdown -- only 21 days until I see da Leps!!! Whoot! Savy look out -- I'm coming to your side of the stage, and I plan to be in the front row!!!!! Just gotta figure out how early I need to show up at the gates to secure this position (general admission on the field)...

Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to put a "hug counter" onto the user info page of my lj (I have the codes, but I couldn't get it to appear on the page for some reason...), I would be eternally grateful and would proffer chocolate covered Bonos. *Evil Grin*

Hope you all have a good day! NV

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