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04 August 2006 @ 08:07 am
The in-laws have arrived, large dog in tow. Devon had a blast with them last night, despite the lateness of their arrival (8pm, after his normal bedtime), and I'm so glad they'll be taking care of him today, rather than him being in daycare. I really want him to have a relationship with them, even though they live so far away (San Diego).

In even better news, mom-in-law (Mark's step-mother), was sweet and funny and delightful last night. *does double take* Who's that masquerading as my mother-in-law and what have they done with Peggy????? Heee. Maybe she's only a bitch when she's at home and has guests in her house? *crosses fingers*

I need to amend my list of badns that I've seen, from my meme yesterday. I forogt a couple of important ones. First off, The Stunning. I was friends with the drummer's sister, who was a classmate of mine in Ireland, and then I had one of the members, I think probably the drummer (cannot for the life of me remember today, for some reason), as my professor for a course on traditional Irish music. It was one of the most delightful classes I ever took. I learned the difference between a jig, reel, hornpipe, learned about sean-nos, learned about traditional Irish instruments like the uillean pipes and the bodhran, and generally just thoroughly enjoyed myself. The lectures were postponed several times during the term so that the professor could go and perform with the Stunning as opening act for Bob Dylan and for Van Morrison. Heee. It was very amusing and very enlightening, and the professor was GORGEOUS! To all my Irish friends, whatever happened to that band? Are they still around? I've looked and looked to purchase their cds since I came home and have never been able to find them.

Also need to add Canada (my nephew's band) and Frank Allison and the Odd Sox to my list of bands that I've seen.

Stevie, did you get the ES stills I emailed you? Just making sure they went through alright as sometimes my email plays games with me.

Bid on an amusing shirt yesterday on Ebay. No clue if I'll win it or not. It's a bright yellow "dressing room staff" shirt from the Vertigo tour. Heee. I don't normally go for the local staff shirts, but when I saw "dressing room staff" I couldn't pass it up. *giggle*

Off to get some work done, or at least to try to. Thank God it's Friday! Hope you all have a good day! *snuggles flist*
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PopDaisypop_daisy on August 4th, 2006 03:42 pm (UTC)
and then I had one of the members

I am such a pervert.

But a pervert who owns and (somewhat) plays a bodhran.

Happy for you re. the mother-in-law. That's a relief for you I'm sure.

nosferatuvoicenosferatuvoice on August 4th, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC)
Heee! *cavorts in gutter with*

Thanks. It is a biiiig relief!
gandolforf on August 6th, 2006 02:28 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, duh, I got the caps. I also followed the link from whoever it was that sent you to some site and got some more, so don't be surprised if there's other ones than the ones you've picked out. I need to experiment with what looks good. But I also need you to get back with me ASAP about whether you wanted a side header again or a top one. I think a top would look better with this type. Anyway let me know.

vantage point: play your favourite songkyrillion on August 7th, 2006 02:03 am (UTC)
the Stunning are broken up for a good few years now, but their frontmen Steve and Joe are now the frontmen of the fantastic The Walls, who released their second album this year :)
nosferatuvoicenosferatuvoice on August 7th, 2006 02:04 am (UTC)
Cool! Thank you! *runs to look for CDs by The Walls*