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Saturday was my six-year-old niece's birthday party. My sister asked me to take all the baloons she had purchased to Meijer's and get them filled with helium for her. Thus began the adventure. Filling the baloons was no problem. Getting them back to my sister's house was. Imagine if you will, a 6'6" man in the passenger seat, me in the driver's seat, Devon in his big carseat in the center back, and NINETEEN HELIUM FILLED BALOONS! Hilarity ensued. Devon, denied the opportunity to play with the baloons in the store, took the opportunity to kick and hit those baloons for all his worth once in the car, laughing hysterically the whole time, and I was just about doubled over with laughter myself. We managed to make it back to my sister's without incident, including no popped baloons, but wow must we have looked like a clown car! Oh to have had pictures...

Unfortunately, my sister's marriage looks like it is all but over now. Her husband, Dan, had said he was leaving her a few months ago, but she talked him into going into marriage counselling with her. Not that he's really bothered to change a thing, but at least he was hearing her side of the story for once. But two weeks ago he refused to go to counselling, and now he's told her that he doesn't know if he'll ever go back again. He was reaching the point where he'd have to do some changing, methinks, and decided he didn't want to. He's always been of the mind that nothing's wrong with him, it's all my sister. Truth be told, he has a depression disorder that he refuses to recognize, much less treat, and the vast majority of the problems in the marriage are caused by his utter disrespect and outright emotional abuse of my sister. I think she's finally getting to a point now where she's had enough, is brave enough, and most importantly -- has fallen enough out of love with the person he now is, as opposed to the sweet man she married 19 years ago next month, that she may very well leave him and end the marriage herself. I hope she is able to, as he's destroying her and their two daughters, who both have emotional/acting out issues severaly at this point, at ages nine and six.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. I've yet another meeting this afternoon, so my playtime this afternoon may be limited. I tell ya, it's hard to get any work done in between all these darn meetings. Anyway, happy Monday!

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