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I got "M" from stateless:

1. Mark. The love of my life. My soulmate. My true heart. My husband. Mark and I have been together for more than ten years, and married for five and a half years. He is the one that keeps me sane, cheers me when I need cheering, comforts me when things go wrong, loves me even when I'm not nice to be around, and forgives me when I've fucked up. Without him, I'd be half the person I am, truly.

2. Michigan. It's where I live now and where I've spent the vast majority of my life. I love Michigan. I love that we have four seasons, not just hot and/or cold. I love the changing leaves, the sun, the rain, the snow, the people. It's my home.

3. Michigan, University of. My alma mater. I grew up in Ann Arbor, and my mother was a U of M graduate, so it's no wonder that I'm loyal to my Wolverines. What is perhaps surprising is that I get my intense love for Michigan football from my mother. Every Saturday each fall we watched the U of M football game if it was on television, or listened to it on the radio if it was not televised, which was frequent during my early years. We lived and died by their fortunes and bled Maize and Blue. It's a shared experience with her that I cherish. Needless to say, when it was time for me to choose a college, there was no question which one I would attend.

4. Music. It's everything to me. It helped me survive the darkest days of my life, when my father died, and when my Derek died. Thank God for U2 and their music.

5. Mothers of the Disappeared. I was an energetic member of Amnesty International for many years. I was a National Volunteer Leader and the coordinator of the Western Regional Action Network and the Western Europe Co-ordination Group for AIUSA, and their advisor on Ireland and Northern Ireland. Through my work with them I met the Kennedies, including John John and Ted, spoke at regional and national conferences, met with British Embassy officials, drafted testimony that was read on the floor of the U.S. Senate, and generally learned that I could be so much more than just meek, mild, li'l Mary when I had good cause. It was a learning experience I'm ever so grateful for. It was also the impetus for my attending law school, although it hasn't worked out as a career for me.

6. Motherhood. I am the very, very proud Mam of a one year old son, Devon. He has changed my life immesurably for the good. I can't imagine life without him now.

7. Mullen, Larry. The drummer in the best damn rock 'n roll band the planet has ever seen. U2 have changed, and saved, my life countless times. I first discovered them in 1980 when a friend who lived on the East Coast sent me a cassette tape of "this funky cool Irish band" that she'd heard interviewed on a local radio station. I was hooked from the first, and I've never looked back. I did look askance at Pop, however. Not my cup of tea. But for the most part, I've been a die-hard U2 fan for 26 years now.

8. Mexican food. My favorite thing ever. I love the stuff.

9. Mischief. What I love to get up to. I am definitely a teaser of the first order. I love to tease people and be teased. I am definitely not of the same somber ilk as my mother.

10. Mary St., Dublin, which was just down the block from Capel St., Dublin, where I started my love affair with Dublin. Dublin is my home as much as Michigan is. I love Dublin so much my heart aches thinking about it sometimes. It will always be someplace I feel at ease and alive.

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