nosferatuvoice (nosferatuvoice) wrote,

Hey peeps! NV has resurfaced, and there was much rejoicing! ^-^ More to the point, friend-lock has been discovered and employed, to keep out certain pesky relatives who were cramping my lj writing. So now, hopefully, I shall feel less like looking over my shoulder, and more like writing, writing, writing!
Speaking of writing, hawkeyesmartini wrote a lovely little leppard drabble for me the other day. I was over the moon! She is one of the best writers out there doing fan fiction, in my humble opinion (luv ya DV!), and this was no exception. Great stuff, I tell ya!!!! If yer reading this journal (and are not HM!!!), check it out -- it's so worth it! Also, Bartle By has said she has to get back to writing, and so I'm hoping, and hoping, and hoping...*no pressure, just lots of hinting at how much I like yer writing!!!*
It has been a good day today. My U. of Michigan Wolverines won their first football game of the season, and did so quite handily! The offense wasn't overly impressive, but hey -- they had a true freshman quarterback who only found out he would be starting two days ago, so not too bad under the circumstances. Besides, the defense more than made up for the lackluster performance of the offense. Had much fun watching the game on tele! Then watched a bit of the Michigan State U. football game, but that was just very depressing, 'cause State wasn't doing too well, so then I decided to leave off the football for a while! Nonetheless, it has been a very good day indeed for all of us wolverines!!!!
Thinking I should write another lep drabble sometime soon...just waiting for the idea to gel in my mind. Hope that's soon, 'cause I've had the itch to write, write, write lately.
Oh, and got great paper flowers from Evila_Elf yesterday. She is such a sweetheart for sending them to me!!!!! SOJ!!! She also is one of the funnier people I've run across on lj. She's always good for a giggle.
Anyways... I'm off to try and write a drabble. Or a dribble. Or something, dammit, if my muse will just wake up!!!! Later all!!!!

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