August 16th, 2006

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Even though everyone teases me about my excitement over new icons, I'm still going to inflict my newest ones on you lovely members of my flist. ;D themegs gave in to my begging and batting of eyelashes and created three stunningly wonderful new icons for me. I can't decide which is best, so I'm keeping all three for the moment. They are:

Also, for any of you who are Lep fans, over the last couple of months Ross Halfin has majorly increased the Lep pictures posted on his site. Among them I found this new one that melted my insides with it's cuteness. If you can't tell because of the small size, Phil and Steve are holding hands. It is the cutest thing ever! Here it is:

*melts all over again*

Speaking of da Leps, they now have listed on their website a concert in Grand Rapids, MI in late October. Interestingly, it is one year to the date, I believe, from the last show they did in Grand Rapids. Tickets are not on sale yet, but I'm planning to do the presale thing through the fanclub, and should be able to get tickets in the first couple of rows, which makes me a very happy camper indeed. Mark has already told me, "No more tickets to Leppard shows this year." I'm completely ignoring that order, however. I don't spend much money on myself, and this is important to me. He'll just have to relax and deal with it. These are my boys we're talking about here! :D

One final Lep note: Joy, how was the show last night, and did you flirt with Sav and Phil for me? ;D Hope you had a splendiferous time!
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