April 24th, 2006

Larry eyelashes

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Devon had his first haircut on Saturday afternoon. We sat him on my lap and he was very, very good up until the end when they cut his bangs and he got scared. We brought a lock of hair home in a little 1st haircut card they gave us, to put in the scrapbook. Unfortunately, while I was napping and Mark was supposedly watching him, Devon found the card and managed to eat the hair before Mark noticed and stopped him. *giggle* Whoops! So I guess we'll have to cheat and get a lock of hair from his next haircut and call it good enough. He looks so grown up now! It's adorable.

Devon is now standing on his own, although he needs something or someone to balance him or else he falls over. He hasn't quite figured out the taking steps bit yet, but he's getting there. We so need to get the house baby-proofed the rest of the way this coming weekend.

At work I'm nearly done with my sixth of seven chapters in the Controlled Substances Bench Book. My co-worker with four years of experience is only most of the way through her second chapter. I'm wondering if they'll assign me some of her chapters when I finish mine. We're supposed to be done with our chapters by the end of September. I think I'll make that deadline. :D I think I've finally found my niche. Yay!

I reeeeeally don't want to be at work today. I want to go play in the sunshine, and read a book, and plaaaaay with my girls. *tiny pout* So hard to motivate on a sunny Monday morning. Maybe a new chapter of Hawkmoon will come out and cheer me up? ;D

Everybody have a great Monday!
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