March 22nd, 2006

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I'm so proud of my Mark. He got his first two clients yesterday. Mind, one is on contingency, meaning he gets paid only if he wins the lawsuit, and the other he's going to have to return the guys upfront payment because it turns out the guy doesn't have a valid case, but still... his first two clients. Yay! He was much happier last night than he's been.

I tried to get my airline tickets to NYC yesterday, but the website was doing funky things, so I decided to try again today. Three whole days with Megs. Yippee!!!! Will the world survive? That is the question. :D

I got the Virgin Prunes vid. in the mail yesterday, finally. It was very interesting. There were a couple of places I just couldn't listen to it -- Dave-id's songs at the beginning 'bout did my pour ears in. Caterwauling was how I described it to Mark. And there was one song almost at the end -- the name escapes me at the moment -- that was very primal and dischordant, and that one I had a hard time listening to as well. But I really liked some of the stuff on there, and it was very entertaining. The backstage stuff, particularly the bit where Guggi loses it laughing, were priceless. Megs, I'll try to get your copy made this weekend and off to you in the mail early next week. Anyone else want a copy while I'm at it? It would be a DVD copy.

Nothing much more to add at the moment, so I guess I'd better go do some work now. Have a great day, all.
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