March 15th, 2006

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First of all, sorry to my Pop girls that I wasn't on AIM last night. Evil thing wouldn't let me on. Grrrrr.... But tonight, for sure. I've promised my Pop B. some rp'ing, so AIM will just have to cooperate. ;)

I've had a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL opportunity dropped in my lap. Mark called me at work yesterday afternoon to tell me that our credit card is having a special deal where if you transfer $3,000 of debt onto it, they give you two roundtrip tickets to Hawaii. I just happen to know of a band who is rescheduling a concert in Hawaii for sometime this fall..... :) Still a lot of "ifs" to overcome, but suddenly this might be doable, where before there was no hope at all. *crosses fingers* And November 11 is our five year annivesary, so celebrating in Hawaii then would be absolutely perfect! I'd love to know who all is planning to attend the re-scheduled concert, and what arrangements you all are making, so I can try to coordinate if this trip does in fact come together for me. *GLEE*

Crazy, scary, awful dreams all week... this can stop anytime, now.

Have a great day all!
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I forgot to let everyone know that I have a meeting after work today, and we will probably go to dinner afterward. I will be online tonight, but it will probably be a bit later than usual. Talk to you all tonight! *hugs*