March 3rd, 2006

Larry eyelashes

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EEEEEEE. Got feedback from my boss yesterday. He thinks I'm doing very well. *enormous sigh of relief and happy dance* Now if I could just find a way to give Mark some confidence in his abilities....

Megs -- I was telling Mark about Mike's li'l olive oil incident and how unlike him it is, and he said " Obviously his moral compass has gotten stuck. She needs to give him a thump to unstick it." I was highly amused.

I feel like Chinese for lunch today. This is noteworthy in that I never, ever, EVER feel like Chinese. It's one of my least favorite foods normally. But I've got a cravaing today. Must call Mark and see if he wants to go with.

Boy my life is boring if this is all I can come up with for an update. *giggle* Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!
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