February 28th, 2006

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Yesterday we had a staff meeting at work. If they had been speaking Swahili it might have made more sense to me. Who knew that a bunch of administrative assistants could manage to speak in code so thick that someone with a Master's degree and and a law degree would be left scratching their head. I ought to have stayed at my desk. I would've gotten just as much out of the meeting. *sigh*

I like my new job, I really do. But it's really hard to figure out if I'm doing things correctly. The deadlines for things are so far away that I complete a project and just hold on to it because it's not due for another two or three weeks, or months, yet. So I've had no feedback at all so far. Scary! By the time the deadlines come up, I'll have very little time to correct things, but my boss insists he doesn't want to see things much ahead of time. *nervous* Hopefully I'm doing okay.

So I just won a Virgin Prunes video off e-bay for $0.99. The shipping on it is ten times the purchase price. *giggle/grumble* I didn't even know this existed until I stumbled across it on e-bay the other day, so I've no idea of the quality. Should make for interesting viewing at the very least. I think it's called Sons Find Devils. Anyone know anything about it?

I was so very productive last night after work. I picked Devon up at daycare and got him home, did the dishes, made bottles up, folded laundry, fed Devon, made supper, gave Devon a bath, and still found time to play with my girls. I wish I could be that productive and efficient every day.
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