February 27th, 2006

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ladylardence has asked me to pass on to all of her friends that she is having computer difficulties. She is hoping to have a working computer again very soon, but in the meantime she did not want anyone to worry about her whereabouts.

I've absolutely nothing of importance to post about, save that I had a fantabulous time rp'ing with my Megs and my Pop girls over the weekend. littlegymrat it's nice to have you back, and I'm glad you had a lovely time on your cruise.

My niece had a gymnastics meet yesterday, which I attended. I helped to coach her for a couple of years, so I try to get to as many of her meets as I can. She completely screwed up on bars, which was her first event. That was sad, as it's her best event. But she did very well on the other three events, which was good. She hit her full turn on beam, which is one of her biggest nemesis', and she completed her big tumbling pass on floor, for the first time at a meet. I was very proud of her, but mad at my sis, because she kept grumbling about how terrible Ali had done on bars. Everybody has nerves sometimes, and the kid needs encouragement, not grumbling. To sis' credit, she only grumbled to me, and not to Ali.

Hope everybody has a nice Monday.
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