December 8th, 2005

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Remember that judge in Detroit I was griping about last week, because she didn't interview me, but interviewed first years from my office? She had misplaced my application. *rolls eyes* In any event, I interviewed with her Tuesday morning. I suspect she'll just hire someone from the Detroit office, rather than me, but I should find out today I think. *crosses fingers and toes*

So, so, SO much to do before tomorrow:

(1) Fold laundry
(2) Make sure all the clothes I need have been washed and are in the folded laundry/Wash any that I somehow missed
(3) Print out information about the site for picking up my ticket (probably won't need this, as I should be riding with someone or have someone riding with me who knows, but still, better to be safe)
(4) Wrap presents
(5) Pack
(6) Make dvd of R&H outtakes for Dawn
(7) Type out contents lists for the video tapes for Dawn (Yes, they are needed!)
(8) Clean out car
(9) Change oil/refill window-washer fluid/change wiper blades
(10) Gas up car
(11) Review directions so I don't get lost
(12) Go to bank
(13) Make sure phone is recharged/camera battery is charged/memory card is cleared
(15) Relax, breath, relax, breath, relax, breath.... psych self up for the drive
(16) Prepare to have fun with Megs, Dawn, Melissa, Ally, Barb, Claire, Andrea, and numerous people I've no doubt forgotten. Heeeee!

I can do this.

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