October 28th, 2005

Bono Mad Grin

I'm going to Cleveland!!!!

I just bit the bullet and purchased a GA ticket through ETL. Cost me a bundle, but was half the price of even the cheapest GA's I've seen available on ebay and other sites. So.... I now have a GA ticket for Cleveland!!!!!! *does ecstatic dance* I need to find out whether hubby is going to come with and bring the baby, in which case we'll get our own hotel room, or whether I'll be travelling alone, in which case I'll be looking to share a hotel room. In any event. I WILL be doing the whole showing up early for the GA line stuff and stalking and all of that, regardless of what hubby might say.... HEEEEE!

EDIT: Hubby and Baby will NOT be coming along. So.... Dawn, Ally, Melissa, Andrea, everybody on my flist that's going to the show.... wanna share a hotel room? :)
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