October 14th, 2005

bono fool

On Cloud Nine

So... somehow in the span of a week I went from not going to see U2 in Detroit to seeing them in Detroit, sharing a room with Ally and Dawn (Yay!!!!!), and generally getting to be a fangirl. How'd that happen? Heeeee!

On a sour note, I didn't get the temporary clerkship. Someone must just not want me to work for the court anymore, because I've had three opportunities for jobs in the last month, which is more than I've had in the previous year, and I've lost the job to someone with less experience in each instance. Grrrrr.... So the job hunt continues, for both me and hubby. Sigh. My job doesn't end until February, but still....

Hoping to hear from Megs tonight! Yay! But I'm gonna miss having her online to rp with.

Have to brag just a little bit. My nieces attend the same daycare as my son. My sis. called me this afternoon and told me that my son was so charming this morning while she was dropping her girls off that one of the other mothers had to come back and pick him up out of a bouncy seat and cuddle him before she could leave! He is already such a flirt, and he's only five months old! He's gonna be a heart breaker, methinks.
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    Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own - U2