October 11th, 2005

edge giggle


I just purchased two tickets to the October 25th U2 show in Detroit, GA tickets. YAY!!!!! Spent more than I should have on them, but since Mark just bought a $350 antique pistol (He's mad for military history. Don't get it myself, but... then he doesn't get my U2 obsession either, so...), I figured it was only fair.

Now... HELP!!!! *Is dumb* I've not paid the least bit of attention to the ticket situation until recently, because I did not expect to be going to any of their shows. So... how the heck does this GA arrangement work? And how early do I need to show up at the venue? How am I most likely to have my very own Larry experience? And who the heck wants to go with me... I've one ticket I'll give away to one of you U2-crazy girls if you want to join me, as Mark does not want to attend with me. I've a friend here in town that can go with me if none of you on my friends list wants/is able to take me up on the offer, but I thought I'd offer it to you ladies first. *evil grin*

A very, very, very special thank you to Megs: You're the best!