July 23rd, 2005

Larry eyelashes

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I had the BEST time last night, practice rp'ing with melissa2u!!! I was quite nervous as it was my first attempt at playing Larry, but it worked out beautifully, I think. Let me just say she is one of the bestest writers ever!!!! Her Adam was SO in character. She just amazes me!

The only downer is that I completely missed hawkeyesmartini. *SOB* We agreed to chat after I was done rp'ing and then we never actually found one another. I hope you had a great birthday, girl!!!

Got the Lep Storyteller's dvd in the mail yesterday. It was sooo funny! Poor Joe, forgetting the words! And Sav was ever so adorable, as always! The only thing -- WTF was up with Joe's hair???? Hope he's letting it grow back out, 'cause he looked pretty silly, and it seems to me that the pics I've seen from this tour he's had it pretty short again....

Mum has left now, after a full week of quality time with the BV, taking care of him for me during the day since my daycare provider was on holiday. I actually had quite a nice time with her. *looks pleasantly surprised* She's not the easiest person in the world to live with, so I had thought this might be a bit of a stressful time. Glad it turned out as it did.

Well, gotta go take care of the BV. Hope all have a great day! :) NV
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