July 22nd, 2005

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY hawkeyesmartini!!! *faxes chocolate-covered Hawkeye, Steve-pop, lurid images of cole and stevemmmmmm, and Hob Nobs* I hope you have the best birthday, and the best year, ever! You are so special to me -- my best friend ever! -- and I wish you all the best! *HUGS DV lots*

In other news, a few weeks ago I posted on a number of lj communities, hoping to get involved in a nice, juicy rpg. I got no real response, other than someone asking what an rpg was. Then, yesterday, to my great delight and excitement, I was contacted by melissa2u, who is one of my very favorite writers in the whole world. She brought on board another of the writers whose work I really like, themegs, and has leads on getting a "Bono" for us as well. So, it looks as if I'll not only be participating in an rp, but I'll be participating in an rp with some of my very favorite writers!!!!! Needless to say, lots and lots of squeeing was done yesterday and not a whole lot of work! Now just need to talk with hawkeyesmartini about the specifics of how rpgs work on lj, since she is ever so much more knowledgeable about this things than I am, and I'll be off and running!

Finally got the 1983 Lep concert dvd on Wednesday, and man was it worth the money I spent on it! Predictably, the sound quality sucks lemons -- it was, after all 1983 -- and the viewing angle is far enough away that you can't really see the lads' faces all that well, but I GOT TO SEE STEVE PERFORM SWITCH 625!!!!!!!!!! I can die a happy woman now! *HUGE GRIN* Now I'm just waiting to see if my ebay purchase of their Storytellers performance will actually arrive -- received a warning from ebay recommending I not go through with the sale, but I'd already paid and received an email that my dvd was in the mail....*worries*

Must get off to work now, but hope that everybody has a great day! HUGS!!!! NV
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