July 19th, 2005

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Happy Tuesday! What???? At least it's not Monday!

The governor has just appointed a new judge to the Court of Appeals, and his office is going to be in Lansing. This means that I will probably be interviewing next week for a clerkship with the new judge. Yay!!!! So few jobs with the court are available, and those that are frequently are located in Detroit, which is 2 hours drive away, so I am delighted to have this opportunity. I will, however, have stiff competition. I will, no doubt, have to compete against the former judge's clerk, as well as probably five or six of my co-workers here in Pre-hearing. I have more experience at the court that any of my co-workers do, but some of them have teaching experience or prior clerkship experience, and one has connections up the wazoo. So....I'm quite certain that I will get an interview, but not at all sure that I will actually be hired. But I'm trying to think positive.

Mum survived her first day babysitting Devon without any trouble. He was quite good for her, I guess. Go Devon! He was really cute last night, too. I was holding him and reading to him from the Complete Whinnie the Pooh Stories, and he was grinning and grinning and talking away to me. Twas adorable!!!!

And then there's my DV, who wrote me a wonderful little ficlet about Steve and Sav. That made my whole night a little brighter! Thanks again Hawkeyesmartini!!!!

Well, must get to work here now -- so much to do and so little time.

Hope all have a cheery Tuesday! NV
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