July 18th, 2005

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Here we are starting another week... Yesterday afternoon the BV decided to sleep. And sleep. And sleep. As a result, much to my dismay, he was awake continuously throughout the night. So....throw something heavy at me every so often to make sure I'm awake, k? :) Mum is watching the BV for me today, together with my sis Jeanne. Jeanne seems to think I am asking too much to have mum take care of the BV for the week (during the day),which kinda pisses me off. SHE had mum watch my nephew for her, sometimes for a whole weekened...and mum says she is happy to do it for me. So Jeanne needs to quit treating me like some spoiled child. I wouldn't have asked mum to do this for me were it not the only option, and she should know that. Grrrr....

Besides, Mum and I are having a grand time together. We played cribbage last night and laughed and laughed and laughed. I kept accusing her of cheating, 'cause she kept winning. Twas quite fun, actually.

And M. was ever so good, getting up twice during the night to take care of the BV, and apologizing when he had to bring him to me when he couldn't get him to go back to sleep (neither could I, at least not for very long at a stretch). So, he's forgiven for the rough night I had with him on Saturday night, where he took the BV for a grand total of 30 minutes the entire day/night --grrrr.

The electricity went out last night for two hours in the middle of the night. Luckily, I was up at the time it went out, feeding the BV, so I knew it had done, or else I might've been late to work today. As it was, we have no idea why it went out, because there were no storms at all last night, and not even any hints of a storm. Hope someone didn't get electrocuted.....

Tried to chat with Dracula Voice last night, but we missed each other. Rats! Had hoped to discuss the trip to Lansing. Ah, well... we'll find each other sometime this week, I hope! But she made me a smashing new icon -- thanks Hawkeyesmartini!!!!!!

I hope all have a good day! NV
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