September 6th, 2004

Larry eyelashes

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Okay. Can someone tell me why "morning sickness" is apparently afternoon/evening/nighttime/morning/24-7 sickness for me???? Well, can't say for sure that it is morning sickness, but it is looking likely (and is feeling damn awful!). I tell ya, if this isn't morning sickness, then I want my money back, dammit!!!! I don't think one should have to go through this and then find out they're not preggers after all and have to do it all over again some other time... Spent the day at mom's today, trying not to hurl every time I looked at or smelled food of any variety... was not fun. And my family was less then supportive -- "go buy the damn test and find out!", so spaketh my ever-loving sis. I love you too, sis. GRRRRRRR.... And then there's the lovely fact that I get to go back to work tomorrow... Yippeeeeeeeee -- doing cartwheels. NOT. But at least H'sM sent me lovely Hawkry pictures to distract myself with, and made a lovely ballerina-Hawkeye avatar that made me giggle. I tell ya, without the smiles that girl gives me every day, life would be a much more boring place! And hopefully she'll forgive me for only scoring 70% on her little quiz. Well, I was almost right on two of the other three -- does that count? *looks hopeful* Till tomorrow, y'all! Cheers!