August 19th, 2004

Larry eyelashes

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Have to share -- I just wrote my very first drabble. Not sure if it's any good. In fact,it might be downright awful. But nonetheless I'm pleased with it as a first attempt at doing this writing thing... So, for your reading enjoyment, I present the following, as yet untitled, drabble:

"You were great out there tonight, love" Steve whispered in Phil's ear, as he carefully climbed into bed and pulled the sleeping man into his arms. Stroking Phil's face and brushing the hair from his eyes, he smiled down at him. "Don't ever forget how proud I am of you." he murmured. Phil smiled and cuddled close, nuzzling into Steve's neck. Suddenly a sharp thunderclap startled him awake. Recovering, after a moment Phil kissed his fingers and gently touched them to the photograph beside his bed. Then he snuggled back down, smiling. Nearly fifteen years gone, he thought, and still you watch over me. "I love you, Steve." he whispered.

Hope you all like! ;) More chatter later, I promise! Cheers!
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