August 6th, 2004

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Whoo-hooo!!!!!!! It's the weekend!!!! My favorite time of the week! And a long time coming it was, too. Sometimes this week I felt like it would never get here....

Once again I had an incredibly productive day at work -- got most of my report done. Now I should easily be able to finish it up on time, if not substantially early. And I got my monthly stats. for July. I was second in the office in terms of productivity, out of fifteen attorneys. In the previous two months -- the only other two that I have been in this office -- I was second in the office and first in the office. So I'm delighted to be continuing my trend. At least I'm good at something!

Had a v funny dream last night. I dreamed that my boss, a very very straightlaced, serious kind of guy was formerly a biker dude, with long hair and everything! I even saw a progression of pictures in my mind of him slowly transforming from biker dude to serious attorney type. Was quite amusing, and he got quite a kick out of it when I told him about it today. Don't know what HE was doing my dreams, but hey, at least he's the kinda guy that I don't particularly mind having show up in my dreams, even if he is my boss -- he's a really sweet guy.

Found out today that we haven't had television (cable access) for the last week or so, but I didn't even realize it. That tells ya how much tv I've watched recently... Kinda sad, in a way, but at the same time I'm spending my time on other enjoyable pursuits, like chatting on-line with my friends and spending time with my sister and my nieces, so it's all good.

Still haven't gotten my monthly visitor, so.....*fingers and toes crossed -- hey, if the fingers are good, why isn't it even better luck to cross the toes too?*

Not much more to report... happy about how well my workday went, but exhausted from all the hard work... Lookin' forward to just kickin' back tonight and enjoying a nice leasurely chat with a friend, if her bro. doesn't usurp her (s'ok if he does -- I'll just have to lob spuds at him!).

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