August 5th, 2004

Larry eyelashes

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Well, I shan't be able to string together a brilliant stream of randomness like other writers I know (not mentioning any names -- HAWYKEYE'SMARTINI!!!). Nonetheless, here's my humble little drabble about my day.

Had a reasonably good one actuallay -- got a whole lot done at work and felt really good about the quality of my legal analysis. That's not something I've said very often in the past! Still got a buttload of work to do if I'm going to get this report in on time, but at least I'm happy with what I've got down on paper so far.

Was bored out of my mind last night -- no HawkeyesMartini to pester! SOB!!!!! Ah well, there's always tonight.... *VERY evil grin*

Went and got a whole roomful of baby clothes and other baby necessities, such as a crib, baby swing, highchair, etc. from my sis. Now all I need is the baby. Hmmmm... I wonder if FedEx could deliver one to me.... Would be a whole hell of a lot faster than the traditional wait-nine-months method. *Ponders contemplatively*

Been thinking about pulling out my old poetry journals and taking another stab at writing, but I'm not all that sure that I can produce anything of quality given that I'm relatively happy with my life at the moment. Usually angst has been my biggest muse. And NO! I do NOT want anyone to deliver any angst to me by FedEx!!!!!!

Cheers! ["Hooray! Yippee!" -- No, no...not THOSE kind of cheers!]