August 1st, 2004

Larry eyelashes

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Pretty boring weeked so far... M. and I went and looked at desks for our den yesterday morning, but the only one we liked was nearly $3,000, which is just a wee tad out of our price range (!!!). Soooo, no luck there. Then my sis came over and we messed around with her stamp collection for a bit while trying to keep her two very rambunctious young'uns out of trouble, which ain't easy! I love those kids, but they are truly little monsters!!!! Then went grocery shopping. The highlight of my day was watching M. play his new computer game and tell me all about his strategy for winning it. KNOW I was having a boring day!

On the other hand, I did get a chance to re-read a few of Quai-Dian's great stories, and that always puts me in a good mood.

On the baby front, hubby and I have been trying for (only) a month to get pregnant, and I think it is at least possible, given the signals my body has been giving, that we have already succeeded. We will know by the end of this next week, when my wee visitor is due, whether this is the case. (fingers crossed!)

Going away now to do something else boring... I'm hoping that hawkeyesmartini actually got an avinursery celebration, or I might have to go down there and beat D. up! ;)

Cheers for now!
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