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Man did I have a weird stress dream last night. Somehow myself, themegs, ladylerose, and littlegymrat were all sharing a room, like a dorm room or something, and we were all involved in an rpg together, which was a mixture of my uf rpg and my pop rpg. Meggie and I were playing our uf muses, jem was playing her pop muse (don't ask me why I didn't find it odd that there were two Bono muses!), and donna was playing the adam muse in my uf rpg. Somehow we all got into a fight over the direction of the game and whether outside characters, like the guys from Oasis, should be a part of the rpg, and meggie and I got booted out of the game. Meggie moved to a new room, and I was very, very sad until she invited me to move into her room, which I did. In the midst of all this, I think I had some potentially fatal disease that I was being treated for, which treatment involved swimming around in a swimming pool. Oh, and I somehow had these really funky and cool new hightops that Meggie and I were going to paint. It was a very, very odd dream.

Sorry I didn't get on AIM last night, pop girls. I was having issues with Devon and just couldn't manage multi-tasking and him at the same time. Poor little thing was not feeling well.

Happy Thursday!

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