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Last night I had some free time on my hands so I did what I am wont to do when I have free time... I trolled the internet for fun sites. What I found was a wonderful Phil-pop site that had all sorts of pics. of Phil & Connie together, and several memorials/in remembrance type stories about Connie from various people who had known her. I have a feeling I woulda liked that woman! One girl, who stayed with Connie while she was studying in London, told a story about Connie bursting out laughing and dropping (and breaking) her teacup when the girl told Connie that her boyfriend had proposed to her and so she had left the country. That sounds like something I would do! Was a very sweet site, with lots of cute pics. Then there were the terror twin/Phil in Girl and Dumb Blonde pics, which were highly amusing as well. And the stories about Phil's pre-Leppard antics were quite amusing! Had lots of fun. Then I had to go and spoil it all by getting a urinary tract infection so that I couldn't sleep. UGH! But at least I finished my report early today at work, so I feel good about that anyway...

Also re-discovered the LepFic website, which I hadn't read or visited in about six months. Looks like there might be a few good new stories, and a couple of old ones to catch up on that I had previously been following. But there also are an awful lot of HIDEOUS writers out there... Shudder! My very worst pet peeve is people who can't keep to a single verb tense within a sentence. And a lot of the writers on LepFic (and I expect on most other fanfic sites) are ripe with verb-tense-tangles. Drive me crazy!!!!!! But at least there are a few writers I can count on to put out the real goods....Thank god for them or I might go stark raving mad. Oh wait, I think I already am...erm...never mind!!!!!


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