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I am soooo proud of my niece, Alison. She is a level 4 competitive gymnast. She had her second meet of the season this past weekend, and she did so well. She received 8.1 on floor, 8.2 on beam, 8.3 on vault, and 8.9 on bars. Considering most of those scores are out of 9.0, you have a pretty good idea how well she did. So proud.

I am also sooooo proud of Devon. He has two teeth now! Yay! He's also graduated to a forward-facing car-seat, which pleases me greatly. Now we can actually interact while we're in the car. We put him in a walker yesterday, though, and he was like "WTF???? What am I supposed to do with this?" He kept trying to bounce in it. It was very cute. Guess he's not so ready to walk just yet. ;)

Work is improving greatly. I feel much more confident in my abilities now, and the stress level is so much lower than at my old job that I can't quite believe it. I keep having to remind myself that there's no reason for me to be stressing. Heee. Nice change.

Mark discovered an online 18 month long Master's Degree Program, through Norwich University in Vermont, in Military History. He's so excited about it! He adores military history, but has never been willing to actually go somewhere to study it -- no local university offers a program -- because it has zero job potential. But if he can do it over the internet, it'd be perfect. He looked at the course requirements last night and told me he's already read most of the required books for his courses, just through his own interest in the subject, so the coursework would be minimal in a lot of cases for him. I really hope it works out for him, as this is something he really has wanted to do for a while. We joked about moving to England, where the best programs in the subject are located, but that's not really terribly practical, and this is the next best thing. *crosses fingers*

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