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I'm worried about ladylardence. You never got online before I left at 8pm last night. Are you alright? Should I call out the National Guard? I missed you, and your baby annie too... ;)

I have been having the most vivid, awful dreams lately. Brain needs to shut down the dreams. Now, please. Watching your loved ones die horribly is not fun, brain. Capiche? However, if you were to give me vivid dreams of say Larry/Bono or Bono/Edge action... that would be a different story entirely.

So stressed from work right now, and it's all my own doing. I always fall back on doubting my own abilities when I start learning something knew involving writing -- all goes back to my Master's Degree experience and my mentally abusive thesis advisor. I can do this, really I can. I just have to believe in myself and ignore that niggling inner voice that says "You suck. You're stupid. You're making a fool of yourself." Sometimes it's hard to ignore, though, when it's SHOUTING. But at least now I have the tools to combat it, whereas with the thesis I was all alone in a sea of disbelievers, doubters, and nay sayers. So much progress since then, but still so far to go...

I've been thinking about signing up for a uni. course sometime this year, just something fun, women's studies, history of the Italian renaissance, art history... something completely different from anything I've studied before. Just for fun. Michigan State University in located here in Lansing, so I've quite a variety of courses to choose from. I haven't done this in a while, and I miss it.

Hope everybody is having a great Friday!

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