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I've started my new job. Wow is it a change from the last one. The first day my head was in a spin and I thought "Oh my God, how am I ever going to be able to do this????" After my boss finished 1 1/2 hours of "training" I knew exactly what I am responsible for -- a hell of a lot -- and nothing about how I was supposed to go about achieving it. STRESS! But now, at the end of the first week, I've realized that this job is SUCH low stress compared to my last job.

So... what do I do? I'm a research attorney, one of two in the office. The trial court judges have books, called Bench Books, that they use while on the bench that summarize the law/procedure/rules regarding a particular area of law. Our office creates and updates those books. So... I am responsible for finding new law/changes to the law in the areas of traffic, juvenile traffic (who knew there was a difference between adult and juvenile traffic law?????), crime victim's rights, criminal procedure, circuit court civil procuedure, contempt of court, domestic violence, friend of the court, juvenile justice (i.e. delinquency and juvenile criminal offenders), adoption, and child protective services, and updating the bench books in those areas on a monthly basis. I'm also responsible for overseeing someone else's updates in the areas of probate and family law. And I'm responsible for one-half of the new bench book on controlled substances we are producing. Oh yeah... I also have to go to three or four conferences a year, two of which my office puts on, so I need to work at, and one or two where I am a speaker regarding one or more areas of the law my bench books cover. But that's still a heck of a lot less work than at the old job, with very loose deadlines, most times, wonderful co-workers, and no overtime required except on the very, very, very rare occasion. Bottom line: I LOVE my new job!

Not too much else to report at the moment. hawkeyesmartini, unfortunately I am not going to be able to get time off of work to come to your baby shower. I was so excited to come down, but it's right before one of the conferences we put on, so my boss denied my request for time off. *pouts*

I had intended to use this post as a GIP for a wonderful Virgin Prunes icon themegs made me, but I forgot to upload it from my computer at home, so next time will have to do.

rogue_writer, I purchased the one Kila CD released here, and WOW! *loves* Thank you for introducing me to their existence. I also bought the Institute CD (damnit, I've had one of their songs going through my head since Cleveland.), and the Arcade Fire CD with "Wake Up" on it. I've discovered that I don't much like Arcade Fire, unfortunately. Oh yeah, I also got a "Best of Bowie" CD, which is fantastic! I've not owned most of his music before, but I have loved it for a long time, so this was a perfect way to get most of the songs I really like without having to buy a dozen CDs. I may still do that at some point, but for now, I'm loving my new Best Of CD. :)

melissa2u, it sounds like you've been having a bit of a rough time of late. Hang in there, honey. Your flist LOOOOVES you! *smooch*

lady_lerose Call in sick from work on Monday and plaaaaaaay with me!!! And feel better soon, too, sweetie.

Off to do some work. Have a great Friday!

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