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Not too much to report from NVland.

I bought four U2 books used off amazon yesterday that I've been wanting: The Road to Pop, by Carter Allen, Ten Years on the Road..., by that crazed fan who followed them around on their tours (we don't know anybody that would do that, nope nope nope.), The Ultimate U2 Encyclopedia, and some book about U2 and spirituality, whose name I can't recall as there as multiple books out on this subject. All together, including shipping, it only cost me about $40. Not too bad.

Next Monday I start my new job. Still don't know exactly what area of law I'll be focusing on, as they've never bothered to tell me any more details and I didn't have an interview. But I do know I'm to start at 9am on Monday, and that after that I can set my own schedule. Yay. I expect, since they haven't said otherwise, I'll probably be working in the area of family law, since that's the area most of my experience is in. I'm quite looking forward to starting.

I have decided (almost) to attend hawkeyesmartini's baby shower, which is on March 12th. Problem is, that's a Sunday and I'd prefer not to take any time off work so soon after starting my new job. And she lives 6-8 hours drive from me. So... I'm now looking to see if there might possibly be a reasonable flight between Lansing and Davenport to make it doable in one day. If not, it will be one hell of a loooooong weekend. But I really, really, really want to be there for her, so... still working on it Stevie. I'll find a way, I promise, hon!

My Megs made me Glee icons!!!!! The very best of the best is the one I posted with. But they are all fantabulous! *loves* Thank you, sweet!

Off to work now, I guess. Have a great u2sday! :)

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