nosferatuvoice (nosferatuvoice) wrote,

First of all, thank you to all my Pop girls for their worrying over me. They were about to call out the FBI/CIA/National Guard to find me when I didn't get on AIM on Wednesday night as promised. You all are sooooo sweet! I'll try to remember to use the brain God gave me and actually think to do an OOC post if I have troubles with AIM in future.

Second of all, thank you to everyone who has given me advice on the ipod/mp3 player. I'm still waffling, but the advice has been deeply appreciated.

Yesterday I found out that the mother of one of my closest friends at work has terminal cancer. =( Very sad about that. Then, on the way home from work, with Devon in the car, I got a flat tire. Thank God I was only a few miles from home and could call Mark and have him come help me change it. But grrrrrr.... I had just driven through a construction bit on the road, so I suspect I found something there. Sigh.

Tonight I plan to be on the computer/playing til late late late. Hope to see you all tonight! Have a great Friday!

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