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Sorry for going MIA last night...

AIM was being evil and would not let me on noway nohow. I tried and tried. So... my apologies to all my rpg girls for my disappearance. AIM better behave tonight or I shall have to kick its scrawny little arse. Heh. Or something.

My Megs has posted the most delightful li'l response to the challenge at u2slash! *so proud* Her first fic in five years, and man did she knock my socks off. Also, melissa2u's and spicedrum's entries are pretty darn wonderful as well. Check them all out if you haven't already! You know you want to!

Not much to report on the personal front. I'm going shopping with my sisters, Sandy (twin) and Jeanne(not twin. heeee), on Saturday. Jeanne had given me a lovely casual suit for Christmas, but the pants look hideous on me. So, we're gonna go return them and try to find some pants that will go with the jacket and still look nice on me. I do love shopping with those girls! Mark needs to hide my credit cards, though...

We've decided -- this should sound familiar -- that with our tax return we will be buying me a computer. We just did this with last year's return (we filed late). But then the "new" computer suddenly turned into Mark's "new work computer." So now he's the newer computer at home claimed and the "new" computer claimed, and I'm still stuck with the shitty one. Grrrr... But I'm thinking I'll go with a computer that does what I need but has no dvd burner (since I can always go in and use the old "new" one at Mark's work), and then maybe look at the U2 ipod with the savings. Anybody who can talk to me about the U2 ipod and advise whether it's worth spending the extra money for that as opposed to any other run of the mill mp3 player will be loved all over.

Working on a terrible murder case at work. Fascinating and depressing all at the once. Ugh. But it's my last case ever. By the time I finish the report and opinion on this one, it'll be time for me to move on to my new job. Yay!

I really, really, REALLY want a U2 mood theme, preferably Larry or Bono. Anyone know where I can get one?

Happy Friday Eve, all!

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