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Life is good.

Yesterday I got a bombshell dropped on me at about 2pm. I was offered a fulltime, permanent position with the Court (where I work now, but different part of the court system), same salary to start as I am currently making, working in the same building I currently work in, a 40 hour per week job, same benefits, no disruption or changes in benefits or sick time/personal days, starting two weeks from yesterday! *dead and in need of cpr*

As you all probably know (but just in case you don't), my present job was a three-year termed appointment, which was extended slightly, but was ending absolutely on March 10. Mark is starting his own law firm, and has no income, and is unlikely to have any income for quite some time. Since I've been supporting us completely for the last three years while Mark's been in lawschool, this is not really a problem as long as I have the same income. However, as of March 10th, my entire income, along with all of our insurance, was going away. I've been looking more and more frantically, becoming more and more stressed, and more and more convinced that I was going to have to take a drastic pay cut, end up working for a lawfirm doing 80 hours per week, and commuting to Detroit -- a 2 hour commute each way. Life was not looking good.

And then, out of the blue, with no interview, I got called yesterday afternoon and offered this job. I had interviewed with this branch of the court, the Michigan Judicial Institute, several months ago. At the time, I didn't get the job. They informed my boss that I was their top choice, but for the fact that one of the other candidates had nine years of experience working in family law, which is the area that position focused on. Apparently (though I've not confirmed this with anyone), either that person didn't work out, or else another opening came available unexpectedly. They never even posted the position. They just called me instead, and offered me the job.

To say I'm over the moon and on cloud nine and my feet haven't touched the ground since yesterday afternoon is putting it mildly. I've been telling everyone (and myself), that old saying that God never closes a door without opening a window, but I was beginning to lose hope. I finally told God this weekend (yes, we talk. Or at least I talk, and hopefully he listens.) that it was in his hands. I'd done everything I could possibly do to find a job in the area that would keep us here for my sis (who lives three miles from me and is going through a terrible time in her relationship with her husband, possibly a divorce), and I'd had no luck. If he wanted me to find something, he was going to have to help me. And then this. Wow! I'm not presumptuous enough to claim divine intervention, but let's just say I won't ever doubt him again!

In other news, Devon now regularly sits up by himself, and he's trying desperately to learn to crawl. He still "swims" -- moving his hands and legs with his tummy stuck on the ground-- and hasn't gotten up on his hands and knees and rocked yet, but he's mobile enough rolling that we've now had to put up the baby gates and confine him to a playpen when he's playing in the computer room, lest he unplug cables or chew on them. He's also eating smushed bananas (real bananas, not baby food) in his cereal, although he's still toothless. He's so sweet. I will post pictures one of these days when I remember to actually do a post from home instead of from work!

My auntie had a full mastectomy last Friday, but they think they got all of the cancer, and that it had not spread to her muscles. So she will live to see another year or two or twenty. Thank God! She's nearly eighty, but she's my auntie and I love her, and this is very good news indeed.

On Friday evening I went to the first home women's gymnastics meet of the season for the U. of Michigan. I was a gymnast for many years, and have been a member of the "booster club" for the UM women's gym. team for more than ten years. It was brilliant! They did so well! *proud* As an added bonus, when I showed up at Sandy's house (my sis) to drop off Devon for the evening, my nine-year-old niece approached me with money in hand and announced she wanted to use some of her piggy bank money and come to the meet with me (she's a gymnast). So I took her along with me. It's the first time in ages that I had her all to myself, without her little sister in tow, and she talked both ears off and then some. We had an hour and a half ride each way, plus the meet itself, and man can that child talk! It was brilliant, though! I haven't had such a good time with her in ages, as usually when her little sister is there the two of them fight nonstop. I'm hoping to take her to more meets with me this year, as that one went so well. Oh, and rest assured, she took her piggy bank money back home with her. I didn't let her use it! :)

Congratulations to hawkeyesmartini. She is going to be giving birth to a daughter, Emily. So... I got her boy and she got my girl. Isn't that how it always works! Heeee. But now I wouldn't trade my boy for the world and all its wonders.

Happy UTuesday! (stolen shamelessly from melissa2u)

Oh, and I really, really, really need a U2 icon that says "Glee" on it. Anyone able to help me out? *shameless begging*

Lastly (I promise!), thank you soooo much to canopyofblue who is sending me my very own One bracelet. Yay! *smooch*
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