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Wow. Remind me not to get sick for a week again any time soon. Don't think I'll ever catch up on my flist.

hawkeyesmartini I received your package Saturday. Thank you sooooo much! Devon is proudly wearing his new outfit today. He looks so cute in it! If I can get my brain into gear -- which is a big if these days -- I'll take a picture of him in it for you tonight. We'll have to do the handprint sometime soon, too. Also, I know you are moving sometime soon, but I just barely had time to glance at the lj entry about it. If it's this week, good luck and don't do anything you shouldn't, right? *hugs*

themegs I received the Bass Player magazine you sent me on Saturday as well, but keep forgetting to tell you. Thank you so, so much. The article is sooooo good. *hugsnugglebounce* Still more reason to love the man.

melissa2u and occula I just discovered the newest chapter of Hawkmoon last night, buried in my flist entries, and WOW!!!!!!! Hurry up with the next chapter before I have a heart attack and go rescue them myself! ;)You ladies continue to amaze me at how good your writing is.

lady_lerose I've your Chicago DVD packaged up. Now all I need to do is actually remember to take it to the post office. Soon, I promise! Our muses need to start using their private journal again. Look later today for a new post from Reg, alright? *snugs*

ladylardence I'm sorry I was such a poor rp'er last week. Brain goes utterly dead when I get sick, I'm afraid. I promise better this week! We need to figure out where to head next in the game.

la_woman I had the absolutely weirdest dream that you featured in the other night. Somehow I was attending your highschool graduation, from a Catholic school, and you were so, so happy because you were finally done with school and able to join a convent. I was delighted for you and boasting to everyone I knew about how cool it was that you were finally getting to do this thing you'd always wanted to do. Then I woke up and went WTF????? You were so sweet in the dream. It was very cute. But somehow methinks you'd not really like the idea of entering a convent. Too little opportunity to eyeball Adam!!!! I blame it on the cold meds. >.> <.< >.> <.<

Oh, and GIP. I showed this to Megs, but I thought it was worth sharing with the flist at large. Enjoy!

Happy Monday, all. Hope everybody's week is better than the last one was!

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