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I'm a bit sad today. It seems my best friend may be in danger of becoming my ex-best friend. She and I don't have a lot in common anymore, fandom-wise. We each have moved on to a new fandom the other knows little about and cares less to learn about. But that's not the real problem. We still have a history and life experiences in common. But she seems to have stopped reading my lj, and never ever comments on it, even when it's something important, like when my sis found out her marriage was likely ending. She grumbles sadly in her lj, on those few occasions when she posts (or perhaps I have been filtered out of most of her posts?), about the distance come between us. But then she doesn't reply to my comments trying to reassure her and asking when she will be online so that we can find time to really talk. I think she may have already given up on us. Which is really sad.

On a brighter note, Devon is now quite willing to happily play for quite a long while on his tummy. And he's trying soooo hard to make crawling motions, but his wee tummy is still on the ground. It's adorable! He had "real food" for the first time this weekend -- bananas I mashed into his baby cereal. I was worried he might have a problem with the consistency, given he's still no teeth, but he didn't balk even once. My li'l guy is growing up. He also, last week for the first time, figured out that he toes fit in his mouth. Now that is adorable!

My job officially ends March 10th. That's a month longer than I expected, so that makes me very happy. And I will be working on contract for them after I finish, so I will have at least a little money coming in. I saw my old boss from the Grand Rapids office yesterday, as he was in town for a meeting, apparently, and he told me that he still uses several of my criminal law reports as examples for new hires as to how to properly write a report. That made me very happy. Especially as he said it in front of my current boss, who tends to heavily edit a lot of my statements of facts in my criminal reports. The old boss commented specifically that it is my statement of facts in the criminal reports that he gives to new hires as an example of how to do it correctly. My current boss just got this funny grin on his face and I wanted to crack up. I adore my current boss, but he does edit me more than I think is needed.

Anyway, onward to another busy day. I hope you have a safe flight, Jem, and that you don't get too brow-beaten over your religious views. Have a nice day, all!

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