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Well, things seem a little brighter in my world today. Yesterday my sis attended her first counselling session with a marriage counselor, and -- shock and awe -- she managed to convince her husband, he who two days before told her he was leaving her -- to go with him. She called me last night in a euphoric mood. Her words: Nothing has been resolved, but at least we're talking now. Yay!

I found and signed up for a lawjobs posting board yesterday and discovered on their website that the law school I attended in Detroit is looking for Legal Research and Writing instructors. I received an award for the best work in that class out of all of the first-year students (some 300 students), and worked as a teaching assistant for my instructor from that class the following year. So, I think I have a really, really, REALLY good chance of getting the job. It is in Detroit, but I'd only need to be there several days a week, and not for real long hours at any time, I'd do most of the grading from home, and I'd only have to work 9 months out of the year. All that and it pays better than a lot of the law firm jobs I've been applying to, though still not as well as I'd be paid if I stayed in the court. In any event, I feel much better about my job prospects.

This weekend is shaping up to be really, really busy. Saturday I've got to bust my butt wrapping Xmas presants for a party at a friend's house, which takes place Saturday evening. LOTS of prezzies to wrap. Also have to wrap presents for my family's Xmas celebration (delayed because I was in CA on Xmas), which will take place on Sunday. Lots more prezzies to wrap. And I think that the first gymnastics meet of the season (U. of Michigan) may be Friday night. All three things are in Ann Arbor, 1 1/2 hours drive from my house. Busy, busy, busy... When am I gonna find time to play with my rp girls?

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