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03 August 2004 @ 04:19 pm
Hi all! Had a pretty good day today -- realized that the transcripts I have to read at work are really only 400 pages long, instead of 900 as originally thought, 'cause a bunch of them are for motions that are not challenged on appeal. So that made me VERY happy!

Then I read a great story -- or well a great chapter in the middle of a a story by hawkeyesmartini, and that made me even more joyous. Now I need to go back and read the rest of that story. Been meaning to for a while, but haven't gotten around to it, but this might just be the boot in the bum I needed...:)

Last night M. and I had a fun experience. His grandmother has moved into a retirement community and no longer has room for, or need of, her good china. So she gave it to us as a wedding present a few years ago. Since we were in a v. small apartment ourselves until a couple of weeks ago, we didn't ever even unwrap it. Now, in our new house and with our brand spanking new china hutch just screaming to be filled, we finally got to open it up. It was like Christmas all over again, let me tell you!!!!! It's not quite a complete set -- I'm sure a few pieces have been broken over the years -- but what we have of the set is lovely and is real porcelein, the kind you can see through when you hold it up to the light it is so delicate. We were v. excited, to say the least! And it looks absolutely smashing in the hutch. So, whoo-hooo, maybe I really am an "adult" now, after all! (erm... I THINK that is a good thing.... Isn't it????)

Oh, and still no monthly visitor, so the chances of my being pregnant are getting better all the time! If "it" doesn't arrive tomorrow, then on Thursday morning I will be taking the ol' one ? test. Even better, my bestest friend may also be "in the family way", so we may get to share this experience, and that thought pleases me immensely, somehow!!!!

Now, onward into the madness....


P.S. 6 pounds of gummy bears is a LOT of bears..... ;)
hawkeyesmartini on August 3rd, 2004 01:58 pm (UTC)
Ooh, ya know what, if possible, we should take the 'test' at the same time...be fun to find out at the same time. And we'd both scream and squeal and have mild cardiac arrests if both were positive!

P.S. 6 pounds of gummy bears is a LOT of bears..... ;)

Uhm...yup. Hey, glad you're reading my story! Lemme know what ya think, again...I'm a review-beggar.