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Well, we did it last night -- we bought airline tickets to San Diego for Xmas with Mark's dad and step-mother. Sigh. To say I am really, really, REALLY not looking forward to this is an understatement. Mark's dad is lovely. I adore him to pieces and so enjoy spending time with him. He even cracks me up in a 2 minute phone conversation. And he's wonderful with Devon. His brother is also wonderful, and will be there with his wife and three children. I'm sure the relatives none of us have ever met, from Luxonbourg, who are flying in to meet the rest of the Galliver clan, will be lovely and fun as well.

And then there's the evil step-mother. I'm a very tolerant, easy-going person, and it takes A LOT to make me dislike a person. Oh, but I don't just dislike this woman, I HATE her with a mad passion. Evil does not even begin to describe her. She lives to hurt people. I'm sad my son even has to be around her for a moment, much less five whole days. And poor Mark -- she's been hurting him since he was around 8 years old.

So, *SIGH* Oh, and a seven month old baby on a seven hour trip including three different flights, on a packed-full plane, two days before Xmas is going to be fun as well... I SO don't want to do this.

On a positive note, there were two jobs in the general area that I applied for this week. One, the one I'm most likely to get of the two, is in Flint, which is an hour's drive north of here. But at least it's only an hour, rather than the two hours or more that Detroit would be. And it's a clerkship position with a court, rather than a lawfirm job, so it would be 40 hours per week, or close to it, rather than 70 or 80 per week. The other is in Charlotte, which is about 20 minutes from here, as an assistant prosecuting attorney. I think I might really, really, REALLY like that position. But without any real courtroom experience, I don't know whether I even will get an interview. However, at least there were jobs to apply for this week. That's a step up from the previous two weeks.

Oh, and the clerkship position with the Court of Appeals, in the Detroit office.... I didn't even get an interview, while other FIRST YEAR attorneys from my office did. WTF is up with that?????? I'm beginning to think my name has been blackmarked with the court judges for some reason and no one is telling me.... why else would I not get an interview on two separate occasions, when I have the most experience of anyone in my office, and first year associates are getting interviews????? *cries and pouts* Well, I didn't really want to drive all the way to Detroit and back every day anyway, but still....

Belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Meggie!!!!

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