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HE DID IT!!!!!!!! Mark passed the bar exam!!!!! *so proud* Now he can finally, finally, FINALLY look for a job and take some of the pressure off of me. Unfortunately, at the moment there does not appear to be much available in the Lansing area, and what is available is nearly all for much more experienced attorneys than even I am, much less someone starting out. The jobs for new attorneys all seem to be in Detroit. But that's two hours drive from here. So finding work may not be as easy as we'd hoped.

In the meantime, I have a job interview next week at the Michigan Judicial Institute, which is part of the Michigan Supreme Court. It would involve researching the statutes and caselaw that pertains to the court and the judiciary and their workings, drafting and editing reference materials for the court regarding those things, and being the Institute's representative at various MJI programs and trainings for outside groups. It would be a 40 hour per week position, relatively low stress, within the court system and the same building even as my current position, and with the state so my benefits would not change. And the pay is comparable to what I am making now. *crosses fingers and says prayers* If any of you are the praying sort, please keep me in your thoughts, particularly next Tuesday morning, as I really, really, REALLY need this job.

In more fun news, my copy of U2 & I came in the mail last night. YUMMY!!!!!! I've only just given it a cursory glance, really, but wow! *is impressed* And yesterday I ordered a used copy of the the Alarm concert video "Spirit of 86" that I so loved when I was in college. For the whopping sum of $4.75. Heeee!!!!

Will not be online tonight, probably, as it is Mark's night with me. I'll miss you all! (I am officially an internet/livejournal/rpg junkie!)

hawkeyesmartini I have your baby book and supplies, or I will very shortly anyway as they are at my sister's house, just arrived in her most recent order. If you and ty are still planning to visit at thanksgiving (I hope I hope I hope I hope), then I'll just wait and give them to you then. If not, let me know and I'll get them ready to send off to you.

Thanks again to everyone who made my birthday so special, particularly themegs, melissa2u, and ladylardence, with a special thanks to lardencelover for beta'ing Melissa's story for me so late at night. Love you all! *huuuuuuugs*

Alright, on with the day.

*Oh, and the icon is chosen especially for you Megs. Looky what I found!!!!!! It's the deer in the headlights look! Heeee!
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